Our StoryWhy we do what we do.

Brief-Lynx is a software development and presentation-consulting firm for the legal industry and was founded in 2012 with the mission of providing the best possible tools for digital document presentations.  Information inflation in litigation, combined with budgetary constraints on all stakeholders in the judicial process, has dramatically increased the time pressure on the courts and other decision-making bodies.  Linked electronic documents reduce the time and resources needed to thoroughly review the facts and authority involved in a matter. Brief-Lynx™ services and patented technology for creating linked electronic briefs, motions and other written presentations is specifically designed to streamline the entire legal presentation process.  Brief-Lynx clients are more effective in presenting key documents in all stages of litigation while reducing their reliance on bulky paper files.  The added benefit of reducing the time and cost of creating linked electronic documents, allows for greater use of linked written presentations.  Judges, court staff, arbiters and government agencies have all appreciated the time saved and greater usefulness of an interactive, linked exhibit list and brief.

Our VisionWhat we believe.

Brief-Lynx is provider of high quality, low cost, and low risk document-linking services and document-presentations.

  • Everyone should have easy and cost effective access to creating hyperlinked digital documents – no matter budget.
  • Legal court submissions should be linked to cited source materials in a single package.
  • Business and legal communication should be effective, elegant, fast and easy to digest.
  • Applications and service providers should be fast on delivery, have an easy user interface, produce beautiful output and be cost effective.
  • In having the best team members, keeping focus on our core offerings, and using proven document presentation methods.

Team MembersWe’ll probably talk at some point. Now you can match a face with a voice.

David Vanderport


David Vanderport is the President of Brief-Lynx, Inc. He is based in Denver. Mr. Vanderport has completed hundreds of ebriefs and thousands of links since 2000. From this collective experience, David developed a patent-pending online electronic briefing application. David also serves as a Senior Trial consultant and specializes in high-level communication, graphics, technology, and trial presentation development for a sister company, eTrial Communications. He has worked on matters involving intellectual property, product liability, contract dispute, employment, insurance coverage, medical malpractice, environmental, white collar criminal, securities and antitrust issues.

Lance Brink

General Manager

Lance Brink is responsible for managing Brief-Lynx’s operations, global sales, client services, product development and overall customer experience. Lance’s 4 years with Brief-Lynx and 20 plus years of experience in general and operational management, marketing and sales includes leadership roles in several businesses and national non-profit organizations. Prior to joining Brief-Lynx, Lance served as Director of Marketing and Communications at the Financial Planning Association and Associate Executive Director of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine national professional association’s for financial planners and sleep physicians. Lance led those Association’s business development, communication strategy, and marketing efforts for multiple business segments.

Mike Doucette


Michael Doucette brings more than 12 years of Direct and Channel Sales management to his role leading Brief Lynx's sales organization. Since joining Brief Lynx in 2012 he has developed relationships with several Top 100 Firms and Channel Partners. Prior to joining Brief Lynx Michael was with Fonality as a Major Accounts Manager responsible largely for Direct sales and annuity revenue streams. He also held a sales leadership position as a Data Network Account Executive with AT&T.