A Judges’ time and attention are in great demand. Ensure that your brief and materials are in focus and easy to review. Brief Lynx can allow for the quick and easy review of your brief and its supporting documents. Provide the judge with a clean and professional hyperlinked brief package.

A judge had a complex bankruptcy case in the State of New York. He requested that the briefs and supporting materials be submitted back to him as hyperlinked briefs. There were several parties involved with this case and as a group they approached Brief-Lynx to assume this hyperlinking project and create the hyperlinked briefs for the judge. Brief-Lynx received all the briefs and supporting materials accounting for thousands of documents and links. This full service project was finished and placed on one DVD and provided to the judge and parties involved.
"I requested that the briefs be hyperlinked and this was exactly what I wanted."


Lawyers have the opportunity to address their specific matter needs by utilizing the various service option provided by Brief Lynx.The three pricing options can address the simple/budget conscious matter through the complex matter dealing with thousands of documents and tens of thousands of links.

Blain had a client with a limited budget for their appeal. Blain knows the value of electronic submissions and gathered all the documents, reviewed them, and then scanned them for easy electronic access. Blain wrote the brief with the intent to file electronically, and subsequently as an electronic hyperlinked brief.Blain called Brief-Lynx and was set up with an account and training to use the cloud based system, he then uploaded his documents and created the hyperlinks for his source citations.  His brief was about 30 pages and had about 200 links. After uploading his documents and doing about an hour of creating brief references, he finished the E-Brief in less than 4 hours. A fully functioning hyperlinked brief for just $100!
"Brief-lynx not only makes creating a hyperlinked brief easy, it creates a hyperlinked brief that is easy for the judges to use and navigate. It is an invaluable tool in any litigator’s arsenal."


The support staff’s time, focus and energy is of great importance to a firm’s operations. Allow Brief-Lynx to utilize their expertise and time in the most effective way when creating a hyperlinked brief. We have several options that will best utilize our cloud based system and your support staff’s energy.

The support staff for a local firm produced hyperlinked briefs on a regular basis for their firm but were looking for a way to be more effective and efficient in the production of those briefs. They approached Brief-Lynx and were set up with access and training to the cloud based system. They now utilize Brief-Lynx in two ways. On smaller projects they produce the hyperlinked briefs themselves all in house and are able to finish those projects much more timely fashion. For larger and more complex matters they use the Brief-Lynx team in an assisted service level. On several occasions Brief-Lynx has set up the brief and created all the links on the online system. The support staff then accesses the brief online and customizes the links as their firm prefers all while saving their firm resources, time, and money.
"Brief-Lynx is a pleasure to work with; they and the Brief-Lynx system make this process so easy."