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Brief-Lynx makes it easy to create electronic-filed briefs with your source documents, saving you time, money and effort. Call NOW (877) 234-2743.

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Brief-Lynx Features Take a peek under the hood.

Prepare your brief for a better way to submit

Key document preparation, autolinking and sharing the work load.

Customize your links

Direct links to specific page ranges, highlights and zooms at the drop of a hat - or click of the mouse.

Create a brief package that fits

Autorun program, splash screen with direct navigation to the brief and exhibit list, and mulitple package options for court acceptance.

Safety and security is important

Your brief is created online in a secure, 128-bit encrypted environment, using proven Trust Guard verification and backed up for distater recovery.  But, if that's not enough, we can discuss your specific needs further.

Even if you think it's done, it's probably not

We can quickly and easily replace linked pages that needs an update, even after the final final final version is done.