1. Consultation

    One of our project managers will work with you to scope out the project to your specifications. This process will allow us to set up your Brief-Lynx account and provide you with the appropriate training and guidance necessary to finish your project within your timeline and budget.

  2. Upload and Autolinking

    We will walk you through the upload process for your brief and exhibits. From here the Brief-Lynx application searches your brief for possible links and common citations and will automatically generate links.

  3. Hyperlinks

    The fastest method in the marketplace to create and edit links. The system allows you to customize your links with opening page destinations, document page ranges, as well as page zooms and highlights.

  4. Review Process

    We will work directly with you on the review process. There are no additional charges for changes made in our system, ensuring your ability to create a polished finished package.

Get StartedWe've made it simple for you.

These four quick and easy steps will allow you to prepare for your hyperlinked brief. Gather your materials, evaluate your budget and determine which linking option best meets your needs, have a quick consultation call with one of our project managers and finally contact us for help at any time.

Pricing What suits your firm best?

Self Service


Directly use the Brief-Lynx software! We can train you and your staff to use our system. We will work with you throughout the process!

Assisted Self-Service


If you would like more control of the process. Allow us to initally set up your links. We will assign the document and page then you have access to our system to highlight, zoom and create the final look you want.

Full Service


No time to take on this task? Have our team do the work for you! We will have a meeting to discuss your needs and expectations and we will take it from there - just send us your documents and soon you will have your linked brief!

Pricing Calculator We've got this estimating thing down to a science.

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